19 May 2023

The latest policy inventory of major cross-border e-commerce platforms on May 3


BigCommerce will integrate with Amazon MCF Sellers can ship at MCF (Amazon recently announced that Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) will be integrated with BigCommerce, and merchants on the platform can complete orders through MCF. It is understood that this integration allows merchants on BigCommerce to use Amazon's order fulfillment service to handle their e-commerce orders regardless of whether they are selling on Amazon. Sellers only need to send inventory to the Amazon fulfillment center, and then Amazon takes over to complete the order.Amazon Europe will update the self-delivery seller's return and refund policy Amazon Europe recently announced that it will update the return and refund policy for self-delivery sellers in Europe in August. It is reported that the new policy will make it easier for self-delivery sellers to process return and refund applications. Sellers can rate the appearance and functional status of returned products to prevent sellers from being affected by bad returns. In addition, the new policy will also help buyers understand the definition of full refund and partial refund. read more

25 April 2022

The latest policy inventory of major cross-border e-commerce platforms on Feburary 20

Lara Simpson

In order to improve the seller’s self-fulfilling order delivery experience, ensure that buyers can view detailed shipment tracking information as much as possible. Recently, Amazon has updated notifications about the shipping process in its official backend. For seller-delivered orders, the seller must provide the name of the carrier when confirming the shipment through the "Manage Orders" page of the seller's platform. Amazon will make the following changes to the shipping confirmation process: · From April 5th, 2021, when confirming shipment through bulk upload data, API or integrator, sellers must provide the carrier name (ie, the carrier-code field). Commonly used carrier names are USPS, UPS and FedEx. Starting from May 3, 2021, Amazon will verify the tracking details (including the carrier name and tracking code) of all sellers’ self-fulfilled orders, and display warnings for invalid tracking details.

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15 April 2022

eBay: Corporate sellers need to fill in complete energy-related product information immediately

John Smith

Recently, eBay issued a notice about "Business sellers in the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain need to fill in complete energy-related product information immediately". The original text of the notice is as follows: According to relevant laws and regulations, when selling energy-related products in certain categories, corporate sellers must comply with relevant labeling requirements, including specifying the energy efficiency level and the scope of energy efficiency classification. What we want to remind sellers is that on the eBay platform, sellers can perform this operation by filling in two item attributes: "Energy Efficiency Rating" and "EEK Range". Sellers can click on the help page to find more information about the product details that must be informed to the buyer when selling electronic and electrical equipment. Please go to the seller center to check your listings immediately. As always, thank you for selling items on eBay. .

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5 February 2013

Shopee: Shopee Live orders increased by more than 6 times, "watch and buy" has become a trend

Lara Simpson

On February 5, Shopee announced that as of the end of 2020, orders brought by the live broadcast function of the platform Shopee Live had increased by more than 6 times, causing a new round of “watch and buy” trend in Southeast Asia. In order to more efficiently help sellers to seize the traffic dividend in Southeast Asia, Shopee will continue to optimize the Shopee Live live broadcast function in 2021, and upgrade the cross-border live broadcast system for Chinese sellers, and work together with government and enterprises to work together with more diverse live broadcast formats and functions Build a cross-border live broadcast ecosystem and broaden the channels for Chinese sellers and brands to go overseas

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